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Innovation Rules

By MIT CIO | March 27, 2008

Read this fascinating article by Professor Heskett on Management Innovation.

“Hamel envisions a future in which the goal of management is to build “nimble” organizations in which innovation is everyone’s job”

In an age where generation X’s and Y’s are coming on board with new ideas and insights how do you think organizations will adapt, accept and eventually adopt the high energy, low-threshold for hierarchy style of the next generation of recruits?

Are you blazing a path in creating avenues for these ‘community colleagues’ to offer break-through ideas and innovation in your enterprise?

What does your ‘established’ management team think of this new wave of energy?  Are you poised to channelize this energy and innovation, or is this just a fad? 

Let us know … share your comments right here at the MIT CIO Corner.

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