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How IT is Creating a New Kind of R&D

MIT Sloan economist and digital-business expert Erik Brynjolfsson tells how the rising data flood, and emerging tools for analyzing it, are changing the ways innovation gets done. THE LEADING QUESTION How is information technology driving innovation? FINDINGS There are four aspects to using IT smartly: measurement, experimentation, sharing, and replication. Each is useful individually, […]

Complex Times Demand Simpler Solutions

Original article appeared in By Jeffrey M. Kaplan, THINKstrategies Feb. 16, 2010 SAP’s executive shake-up shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by traditional ISVs to simplify their products for a SaaS- and cloud-driven market. The resignation of Leo Apotheker as CEO of SAP is the latest example of the escalating pressures facing legacy […]

IT Governance – Issue 5

What’s in this issue Sorry about the hiatus between blogs. While I was busy, the primary reason was a trip up the Amazon River and hiking and camping in the Amazon jungle arraigned by MIT Alumni Travel. It was a great adventure with many thanks to our guides, Eric and Jorge and our lecturer Dr. […]

Do CIOs Still Matter?

CIOs need to redefine their roles and boundaries in today’s age of lean IT and customer-centric business. By Bob Evans, InformationWeek “IT’s become more of an obstacle than an accelerator. . . . Our CIO’s nickname is Dr. No. . . . Our IT department won’t support iPhones—they just pretend iPhones don’t exist . . […]

Cloud Computing Forecasts: “Cloudy” Future for Enterprise IT

Today, the Cloud era has only just begun. Despite lingering doubts, growing concerns and wide-spread confusion (especially separating media and vendor spun hype from reality), the IT industry generally views Cloud Computing as more appealing than traditional ASP /hosting or outsourcing/off-shoring. To technology-centric startups and nimble entrepreneurs, Cloud Computing enables them to punch above their […]