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Now more than ever, experience outside IT counts

Business experience has never been more important for CIOs than it is in today’s economy.   This article focuses on five important areas for CIOs: Profit and Loss, Organizational Design, Understanding the Customer, Sales & Marketing, and Change Management.

vmware performance and wasted resources

I am amazed at how many environments I see where expensive hardware resources are just plain wasted in the name of improving Vmware performance. The common areas of waste include: -Storage. Often VMDK are allocated much bigger then they need be. This is especially painful to see on expensive fiber channel SAN storage at $30 […]

The Connected Healthcare Systems

Connected Healthcare Systems Naeem Hashmi – 1/12/09 VP, Knowledge Management & informatics Fresenius Medical Care NA   Healthcare reform package is one of the major initiatives on the top of Obama’s agenda. The $50-$65 billion proposal consists of wide array of tax incentives and government insurance programs to offer affordable health insurance to more people […]