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Is Government Out-Clouding the Private Sector?

Government Is Out-Clouding the Private Sector Posted by John Soat Are government agencies outpacing their corporate counterparts in cloud computing? That might seem to be the case, given the recent exposure around government cloud initiatives. However, it may be that governments and corporations have different agendas when it comes to the cloud. The recent Gov […]


FEDERAL GOVERNMENT APPROACH TO CLOUD COMPUTING REPORT by Fed CIO, Vivek Kundra Cloud computing is still in its early stages and we have a long journey ahead. This report provides information on our approach to leverage cloud computing to help close the Government’s technology gap. Specifically, this report presents: . Definition of Cloud Computing . […]

Re-thinking: Cloud & Enterprise Computing

Companies currently spend about 5-6% of their revenues on IT. Many of these companies are now struggling to align their IT to support the business strategy, provide a competitive advantage, and serve as a platform for growth. Exploding number of choices and growing complexity of technology assets making these companies victims of their rapidly obsolescing computing infrastructure. Once these assets offered these companies the competitive advantage and served as barriers to entry but now these IT assets are becoming liability. Supply chain meets the cloud to boost the visibility of collaboration processes with and between third-parties such as suppliers, partners, and customers. If companies fail to deconstruct their IT infrastructure and embrace cloud, their competition will outdo their competitive advantage and make them irrelevant. As a CIO of 21st century corporation are ready to embrace this new paradigm and massive IT transformation to prepare your organization for 21st century competitive tsunamis? Would like to hear your views/thoughts/experiences.

TiECON East 2010

We are pleased to announce our partner, TiE Boston’s annual flagship conference TiECON East 2010, Boston’s Premier Entrepreneurial Conference which promises to deliver valuable insights on factors that foster entrepreneurial success in the New Economic Climate to be held on May 27th and 28th at the Westin Waltham, MA. The theme for this year’s conference […]

Re-thinking: CIO Role in a 21st Century Corporation

There has been lot of discussions about the role of CIO in 21st century enterprises. While some pundits strongly argue and make their predictions on slowly diminishing role of CIOs – some strongly believe that CIOs should play a strategic role in shaping and preparing the enterprises for 21st century. CIOs need to think differently – just technology perspective is not enough and they need to start creating value for the businesses. I think CIOs can play a very influential role in bridging the customers, suppliers, partners, and innovation channels by aligning technology from business perspective. So, what do you think? As a CIO, what do you need to increase your shelf-life in an organization and align your teams with business executives. Share your ideas and thoughts.