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“The Curse of Knowledge”: How Knowledge Can Hurt Innovation

Chip and Dan Heath described the curse of knowledge nicely in their 2007 book Made to Stick (highly recommended to all innovators). The basic problem: people who have deep knowledge about a topic sometimes assume other people have that same knowledge. That can lead to major missteps. The brothers Heath bring this to life by […]

Web 2.0 Tools Change Government CIO Collaboration

Information technology has traditionally been about “communication” of information — capturing it, processing it, moving it, storing it, finding it and using it. But now, with Web 2.0, we have evolved from communication to “collaboration.” Well, what’s the difference? When we communicate, aren’t we collaborating (and vice versa)? When I posed this question recently to […]

How to cultivate change agents and innovators

Michele Martin builds on a post by Meredith Levinson on a series of six questions to identify change agents and innovators during a job interview and adds four questions of her own. These are great questions to consider about your working life, regardless of whether you are going to a job interview or not! What […]

The new Federal CIO as the Cloud Computing Advocate-in-Chief

Vivek Kundra: Cloud Computing Could Improve Intergovernmental Collaboration Growing adoption of cloud computing could improve data sharing and promote collaboration among federal, state and local governments, according to federal CIO Vivek Kundra. In an interview Tuesday with Government Technology, Kundra called cloud computing a “huge opportunity” to remake intergovernmental IT relationships. “For far too long […]

Microsoft details Cloud Computing Windows Azure on-demand pricing

At its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft detailed its on-demand pricing for the core Windows Azure operating system, as well as for Azure’s storage and messaging services. When it launches in November, Azure will be available through the consumption-based model announced today, as well as under subscriptions and through volume licensing contracts. On-demand pricing for Azure […]