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note from Melinda: consider this not a sales pitch but a way to understand the implicit value of  “the cloud” for the sales vertical and other areas where managing the content is critical for making the (sales) process more efficient. Expands the Cloud to Sales. … Two major pieces of news are attached […]

Company Growth Through Opportunity Maps

This article talks about a unique way of navigating the future path based partly on data, partly on experience. The fact that they say “this map has come to represent a rough outline of tomorrow’s clean energy economy” is subtly embedded in the first paragraph and yet, this is Kleiner Perkins. The weight of this statement is substantial. There are lessons to be learned and ideas to be considered here. Read on …

CIO leadership and sustainability

Innovation and the investments of innovations should not be market-based or economically influenced but rather a core part of the business model.  In this changing economy, what kind of leadership is need to drive this?  What role of the CIO can enable the sustainability of an enterprise and move beyond the IT niche?  What is […]

Business Process Outsourcing – Maximize Your ROI

In the “flat” world today, companies develop innovative IT strategy to drive global efficiency. As Information technology outsourcing (ITO) practice standardized, corporations began moving back-office processes to multiple countries. While cross border labor arbitrage has been the primary reason for business process outsourcing (BPO), how can collaborative platforms bring value to the future of BPO? […]

What CEOs Want from CIOs

This article from Information week, stresses the importance of conserving cash, which is reflective obviously of the current economy.  Conserving cash can be done by extending the use of old platforms and applications.  CEOs are also want better interactions with customers, more focus on keeping current customers happy, and they would like for CIOs to take […]