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By Melinda Moses | February 18, 2009

note from Melinda: consider this not a sales pitch but a way to understand the implicit value of  “the cloud” for the sales vertical and other areas where managing the content is critical for making the (sales) process more efficient. Expands the Cloud to Sales.

Two major pieces of news are attached to today’s announcement. First is Opportunity Genius, a tool that brings the value of social computing to the prospecting process. Opportunity Genius automatically compares relevant parts of one opportunity against others that the sales team has worked, and generates a list of the most similar and relevant ones. The user, having thereby identified the people in her organization with the most applicable knowledge for the current prospect, may then reach out to those people to seek advice or what has come to be known as “tribal wisdom.”

The second hook in Salesforce Spring ’09 is Community Content, a sales-focused expansion to Salesforce Content. The new features allow a user to locate existing presentations and other materials that are relevant to her current needs; clone and customize that content, adding or deleting portions as necessary with a drag-and-drop interface; and package one or several pieces of content for online viewing by the intended recipient. The link thus generated is trackable, and will alert the sender whenever accessed or forwarded. The Community Content also features version and access control — so packaged content can have an expiration date, user restrictions, and the ability to fix mistakes through the use of “stealth updates.”

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