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Renovation Nation: Improving Government service delivery in smart and sustainable ways

Dr. Paul Taylor, Chief Strategist at the Center for Digital Government has published a strategy paper on improving government service delivery using the four quadrants of Inspiration, Pragmatism, Democratization and Volunteerism. Read the paper here… Come to the MIT CIO Symposium to hear Dr. Taylor speak on the Green IT Panel…

NASSCOM publishes new report titled “Perspective 2020” on Indian IT roadmap

NASSCOM shared the key findings of its report ‘Perspective 2020: Transform Business, Transform India’, that outlines the roadmap for the Indian Technology and Business Services Industry. The report is based on extensive research conducted over a year by McKinsey & Company.

Grugging: The ultimate in brief

Awareness announces next generation of communication: “Grugging” New form of hyper-micro-blogging to be released in Summer 2009 Waltham, MA — April 1, 2009 —Awareness Inc., the leader in Social Media Marketing, today announced the next generation in communication, termed “grugging”. Chief Technology Officer, David Carter explained: “We started in the business of content management for […]

Business Process Outsourcing – Maximize Your ROI

In the “flat” world today, companies develop innovative IT strategy to drive global efficiency. As Information technology outsourcing (ITO) practice standardized, corporations began moving back-office processes to multiple countries. While cross border labor arbitrage has been the primary reason for business process outsourcing (BPO), how can collaborative platforms bring value to the future of BPO? […]

What a day!

Has Kresge ever seen an event more packed with ideas, energy and networking?  As we close out what is probably the most successful CIO event we could not but be impressed by the quality of our guest speakers, the energy of the audience, the support of the sponsors and the wonderful atmosphere that the event […]