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MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Panel Alert: Mobility – The Next CIO Innovation Opportunity And Managing the Extended Enterprise

By Barnard Crespi | March 16, 2011

The Mobility and Extended Enterprise Panels will help bring a practical perspective to the question of how to leverage mobility and extended enterprise applications to achieve operational success. [Register Today:]

Managing The Extended Enterprise

The classical vertically integrated enterprise has given way to the multi-company ecosystem in many industries creating new opportunities, but also presenting new challenges for coordinating activities across enterprises. When a company becomes adept at leveraging and managing a multi-company ecosystem it achieves what the Boston Consulting Group terms “Systems Advantage.”

What does it take to build and maintain an advantaged system of relationships between a company and its customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and managers? Certainly you need robust, “extended enterprise” applications to achieve tactical success. But to achieve “Systems Advantage,” you also need a clear understanding of the strategic value of these systems, innovative management approaches, as well as seamless and flexible interactions between your company and its partners, customers, and suppliers.

The need is urgent. How will IT rise to the challenge?

This panel will address the “extended enterprise” topic from two angles:

1. What are the strategies and challenges in building the multi-enterprise ecosystem?

2. How to achieve the systems advantage by enabling seamless and flexible connections within the ecosystem?

Mobility – The Next CIO Innovation Opportunity

Enterprises seem to squarely confront and adopt, periodically, at least one irreversible, transformational trend within IT. Mobility may well be the next frontier for innovation and progress within businesses in general and IT in particular.

This panel will explore how key stakeholders are innovating in this emerging space. There will be a moderated discussion and debate around underlying industry, process, people and technology drivers of next generation enterprise mobility. There will also be early lessons for CIOs seeking to innovatively shape the mobility S-curve within their respective companies..

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