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Revolutionizing architecture management: A CIO checklist

Teh following checklist is published in McKinsey Quarterly, APRIL 2010 • Helge Buckow and Stéphane Rey Enterprise architecture management (EAM) is a framework for managing IT architecture that strives to align the needs of both IT and the business. CIOs need to ensure that the effort is well structured along several dimensions. Leadership•Focus on transformation. […]

Why business needs should shape IT architecture

To get the most out of these programs, organizations must ensure that they are led by people with the right skills, connections, and attitudes. APRIL 2010 • Helge Buckow and Stéphane Rey, McKinsey Quarterly Complexity is rife in any growing business. As companies innovate, add new business lines and products, or expand their international presence, […]

Cloud computing and the enterprise

JUST MORE HYPE? Everywhere you turn, it seems that the conversation is about cloud computing. To some extent this is the latest hype, but there is also tremendous substance behind the buzz. Enterprise and public-sector CIOs need to reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed customer services, making hosted applications an increasingly viable option. At the […]