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From Morgan to Google …

Hot off the Press… Google announced today that Benjamin Fried, a managing director in Morgan Stanley’s technology department will be their new CIO.

Wikinnovation – Unleash the human potential

Are you using Wikis to unleash the power of collaboration within your enterprise?  Find out how some CIOs are leading the way by empowering their associates to generate, share and discuss ideas through an open forum.  Something about this seems fundamentally human to us?  What do you think?  Can Wikis take water-cooler innovation to the […]

Disruptive Tecnologies … are you ready?

Gartner analysts gazed into the crystal ball and identified the top 10 disruptive technologies.  If Augmented Reality, Context-Aware, Mashups and Enterprise Social Software with it’s characteristic chaotic co-production are not part of lexicon, get ready.  The next wave of disruptive technologies span the gamut from pure tech to changing how we humans fundamentally may interact […]

Where in the room is the CIO?

Here is another recent finding that talks about the apparent ‘downsizing’ in the influence of the Chief Information Officer. How do you see the pendulum swinging?  Where do you find CIO’s getting ‘placed’ in the executive pack?  How are you building the necessary competencies within your CIO team to be on par with partners […]

The B Word – Should Facebook be b****** @ work?

Facebook has taken ‘Generation Next’ by storm.  Is Corporate America ready for the Facebook Generation?  eWeek explores this question in an interesting article at What do you think?  Should Facebook be banned in the workplace?  Even the experts are divided … read on.   Read what some of us think but most importantly let us […]