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The “top” 10 Cloud Computing news stories of 2009

By annie shum | December 31, 2009

Ranking “top” stories is subjective. Nonetheless, these are notable news/stories related to Cloud Computing – regardless of how they were ranked.

21 Dec 2009 |
From CA’s acquisition of Cassatt to Google App Engine’s project manager talking shop, 2009 was a news-heavy year for cloud computing. Market leaders were defined, new services were released and cloud computing spending as a whole was predicted to boom within the next five years. In fact, our website launched in 2009, and in celebration of the first calendar change under our watch, we present to you, in descending order, the top 10 most-read cloud computing news stories of 2009.,295582,sid201_gci1376836,00.html?track=NL-1329&ad=742072&asrc=EM_NLN_10523269&uid=3035765

#10 – CA buys Cassatt to stand above cloud fray
The private cloud market received a shot in the arm when CA enhanced its armada of governance, monitoring and management applications with the purchase of data center automation provider Cassatt.

#9 – L.A. bets on cloud computing with Google Apps despite financial woes
Google’s $7.2 million contract with the city of Los Angeles means that the technology giant can test its email and applications in a security-conscious environment, with the goal being the effectiveness of Google’s “government cloud” in 2010.

#8 – IDC: Cloud will be 10% of all IT spending by 2013
Although currently only occupying 5% of the total IT market, IDC has slated public cloud computing will be worth $44 billion by 2013.

#7 – Who’s who in cloud computing: Understanding the market’s players
The cloud computing market is packed with different models and providers. Competitors in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) markets each have their own services and specifications to offer.

#6 – Rackspace pitches pricey private cloud After entering the cloud computing market as a public cloud provider, Rackspace added a Private Cloud in an attempt to offer cloud computing features packaged with greater security and reliability.

#5 – Amazon EC2 email blocked by antispam group Spamhaus
A spammer causing havoc from IP addresses based in Amazon EC2 locations gave real-time blacklist provider Spamhaus no choice but to temporarily list all United States EC2 IP addresses as spam.

#4 – Encryption breakthrough promises privacy in the cloud
A doctoral candidate in computer science at Stanford University has developed a form of encryption that allows complex mathematical operations to be performed on data while it remains encrypted. The twist, however, is that massive amounts of computational power are required — making the system perfect for the cloud.

#3 – Google App Engine plus Amazon AWS: Best of both worlds
Google App Engine (GAE) limits your options. Amazon Web Services (AWS) complicates the development process. So what is an enterprise application developer to do? Combine the two, they say, and receive the flexibility of AWS and the simplicity of GAE.

#2 – VMware to tout ‘Redwood’ cloud computing project
The announcement of Redwood, VMware’s public cloud computing project slash extension of vSphere, raised eyebrows and enthusiasm as VMworld 2009 grew near.

#1 – Google opens up on App Engine
The number one cloud computing news story of 2009 is this interview on cloud development, competition with Amazon Web Services and management of cloud infrastructure with Mike Repass, project manager for Google App Engine.

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