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Cloud Computing- The Lighter Side

“IT’S CLOUD COMPUTING” is the latest parody by Sun attorney Bruce Kerr re Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”

Thoughts on WSJ’s Questions About Cloud Computing

Debating the meaning of ‘cloud computing’ has become a popular pastime among analysts, journalists, vendors and even customers. The latest entrant into the discussion is the Wall Street Journal which published an article Thursday entitled, “The Internet Industry Is on a Cloud — Whatever That May Mean.” (Registration may be required.) In addition to raising […]

President Obama & Web 2.0 Governing

Web 2.0 governing: Citizens get a chance to pose questions to President Obama

President Obama & IT

Much has been made of President Obama’s use of a BlackBerry and how it symbolizes his understanding of the transformational power of information technology. Yet beyond his addiction to mobile e-mail, this president has done a few other things in his short tenure that spotlight his understanding of the power of IT. The first was […]

Nick Carr: The ways cloud computing will disrupt IT

Nick Carr, author of “The Big Switch” discusses the inevitable transition to utility computing and why IT would be wise to brace itself.