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“Ten Minutes That Mattered”

Often in business and life, an important conversation, a made or missed connection, or even an intrusion of pure fate redirects our thinking and actions for years afterward. Forbes is asking leaders in business and other fields for their “Ten Minutes That Mattered.” Share your thoughts and stories in the Reader Comments section below. Brewster […]

AT&T Cloud Adds Compute As a Service

AT&T continues to build out its suite of cloud computing services to offer features similar to Amazon Web Services.

IT Governance Series

IT Governance is a large and complicated subject and blogs are short, single-sitting pieces of information, therefore we’ll cover it using a series of blogs.  Once we have established the context in which IT Governance exists we will move onto the hows of implemention using information from the methods and practices of successful companies as […]

U.S. Fed CIO bets on SOA, Cloud Computing, agile, data-based policy

Nov 6 2009 10:10PM GMT Posted by: Alexander Howard U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra, appearing Friday as the keynote speaker at the University of Maryland’s CIO Forum, touched on a number of topics affecting both public- and private-sector CIOs. Some of his comments follow: “We found that the role of CIOs in the federal government […]

Cloud Computing – A Really Poor Name? Yes, according to the 3 CEOs: HP, IBM & Oracle Sure, Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd and IBM CEO Sam Palmisano may not greee on most things, but on this they agree: while cloud computing has tremendous potential as a technological approach, the term itself is a lousy name. We’re with you, guys, but please: whatever the new name is, no more three-letter acronyms, okay? […]