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IT Governance – Issue 6

What’s in this issue We’ll now turn to a somewhat more familiar aspect of IT, business applications.  In truth these are what most people think of when discussing what IT does and while they are not the be all of IT they are an important output that must be controlled and directed. Since the users […]

IT Governance – Issue 5

What’s in this issue Sorry about the hiatus between blogs. While I was busy, the primary reason was a trip up the Amazon River and hiking and camping in the Amazon jungle arraigned by MIT Alumni Travel. It was a great adventure with many thanks to our guides, Eric and Jorge and our lecturer Dr. […]

Chief Of The Year: Vivek Kundra

The federal CIO is driving change within the government’s lumbering IT operations. A lengthy to-do list will test his ideas and power of persuasion. By J. Nicholas Hoover, InformationWeek, December 19, 2009 (From the December 21, 2009 issue) On the wall of Vivek Kundra’s Washington, D.C., office hangs a poster-sized IT diagram with such fine-grained […]

IT Governance – Issue 4

This issue will discuss how an IT Architecture can encourage good IT governance and conversely how good governance can result in a good architecture.   One approach to understanding this relationship is examining how various specification bodies define and recommend the construction of a good architecture and relate this to the role of good governance and […]

IT Governance – Issue 3

With this issue we begin the journey into the details of IT Governance.  Since IT is such a large topic we first need to break the task into workable categories.  These categories should be associated with both business and IT as well as encompass the major contributions of IT that are critical to the IT/Business […]