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Business Process Outsourcing – Maximize Your ROI

By engine1015 | February 4, 2009

In the “flat” world today, companies develop innovative IT strategy to drive global efficiency. As Information technology outsourcing (ITO) practice standardized, corporations began moving back-office processes to multiple countries. While cross border labor arbitrage has been the primary reason for business process outsourcing (BPO), how can collaborative platforms bring value to the future of BPO? Professor Peter Weill from MIT will lead the panel topic with his latest research on “outsourcing for business process digitization.”

Facing the recent economic downturn, we strive to find turnaround opportunities. The world is working toward a more transparent and tighter regulated marketplace. The future of information systems need to become platforms to bridge a globally integrated economic ecosystem.

Where can global outsourcing transform job and business opportunities in the United State?

The panel of CIOs from outsourcing buyer, vendor and industry analyst will give you their perspectives on global trends and opportunities for Business Process Outsourcing.

IT executives enter into process outsourcing arrangements seek to achieve various benefits, including cost reductions, scalable capacity and reduced time management on IT. However, outsourcing succeeds only if both vendor and client receive expected benefits. How can clients and vendors settle into a “sweet spot” where their interests coincide? This panel sets a stage for both vendor and the client to discuss outsourcing relationships and cross border business integrations.

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