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The “top” 10 Cloud Computing news stories of 2009

Ranking “top” stories is subjective. Nonetheless, these are notable news/stories related to Cloud Computing – regardless of how they were ranked. 21 Dec 2009 | From CA’s acquisition of Cassatt to Google App Engine’s project manager talking shop, 2009 was a news-heavy year for cloud computing. Market leaders were defined, new services were released […]

10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2010’s outsourcing guru talks to the experts, dives into the research and offers up 10 key outsourcing trends that you need to know about.December 17, 2009 By Stephanie Overby It was a long year of intense ups and downs in the IT outsourcing industry. Consolidation among vendors and interest in remote infrastructure management increased, while […]

Chief Of The Year: Vivek Kundra

The federal CIO is driving change within the government’s lumbering IT operations. A lengthy to-do list will test his ideas and power of persuasion. By J. Nicholas Hoover, InformationWeek, December 19, 2009 (From the December 21, 2009 issue) On the wall of Vivek Kundra’s Washington, D.C., office hangs a poster-sized IT diagram with such fine-grained […]

How the Creative Class is Affecting the Way Businesses Think

If you haven’t read Richard Florida on the creative class, consider watching this video of him “Now more than ever, companies need unconventional thinking to work within the new rules set by the economic recession. Richard Florida has persuasively demonstrated how artists, scientists, engineers, writers, musicians and more can revitalize an entire city from […]

IT Governance – Issue 4

This issue will discuss how an IT Architecture can encourage good IT governance and conversely how good governance can result in a good architecture.   One approach to understanding this relationship is examining how various specification bodies define and recommend the construction of a good architecture and relate this to the role of good governance and […]