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Eight qualities of a good leader during a recession

“These eight qualities of a leader, culled from CIOs and leadership experts, will guide you through good times and bad — yet are especially pertinent today to keep your staff engaged and ensure that IT meets changing expectations in uncertain times.” – 1. The ability to inspire. 2. Communication skills (including listening). 3. Operational […]

DDoS is back… Is your network equipped?

Slightly over a month ago, it almost seemed like the real-time world came to an end when Twitter went down from a denial of service (DoS) attack. Most other services like Facebook, livejournal and even Google to some extent bore the brunt of the attack. Folks addicted to real-time streams were left twiddling their thumbs […]

Dell in $3.9 Billion Deal for Perot, Expanding Services

Perot Systems is “a premium asset with great people that enhances our opportunities for immediate and long-term growth,” Mr. Dell said in a statement. “There will be efficiencies from combining the companies, but the acquisition makes such great sense because of the obvious ways our businesses complement each other.”

Siemens bypassed SAP for a small SaaS vendor for ERP: Isolated Case Or Deep Problem?

Unhappy with the value it was getting in return for its 17% annual fees, and looking to innovate with SaaS, Siemens has bypassed strategic customer/partner SAP twice in the past few months. By Bob Evans, InformationWeek Sept. 17, 2009 Some cracks have appeared recently in the lengthy and deep strategic relationship between SAP and Siemens, […]

Integrating and leveraging social media in your organization’s marketing strategy

“Social media” has become such a popular buzz word today… From board rooms to everyday conversations, you’ll not go without hearing those words several times. And yes that has also led to  every organization jumping onto the bandwagon – creating groups on facebook, linkedin, twitter, posting videos on youtube, pictures on flickr, starting blogs and […]