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Is your IT green?

By MIT CIO | May 1, 2008

Green is indeed the new ‘e’.  From LEAD certified buildings to even Barbie dolls (yes, it’s true – check out the latest dolls dressed in fabric bits that qualify these dolls to be eco-friendly!) almost everywhere you look the question seems to be “are you green enough?”.  Data centers are at the center of the new green focus in the IT world.  So, are data centers green enough?  A recent study has found that in spite of much talk about the move to ‘green’ data centers the reality is different.   Also according to the study, ‘Energy expenditures and requirements have doubled in the last five years, due to the explosion in digital data and more power-hungry storage hardware, according to Stanford University and Greenpeace researchers.’

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So, how green are your data centers?  How are you making a difference to the environment through green initiatives in your data center?

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