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The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2007 was top-notch ……

By creichert | May 16, 2008

As the Speaker and Panel Chair of the 4th MIT CIO Symposium, I enjoyed the entire process of inviting speakers and organizing panels. So did our speakers as far as I know.

“The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2007 was top-notch — an unbeatable source of information on IT trends that directly impact CIO decision-making,” said Richard Mark Soley, a panel speaker and Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group.  “And the networking opportunities were unbeatable as well; our standards and SOA Consortium message were just right for the venue, resulting directly in new business.  We were pleased and honored to sponsor and take part, and we are eagerly awaiting the 2008 edition.” Object Management Group is an organizational partner to the symposium 2008.

As described in a report by People’s Daily, the largest Newspaper in China, “in the sessions during the symposium, speakers and attendees were discussing about how different aspects of social network can impact competitive advantages. They were also networking during the event. CTOs were explaining their new technologies and products to interested new customers, professors, CIOs and CEOs were about new IT strategy, industry trends and business models, while delegates from VCs were talking with entrepreneurs to find potential investment targets.” These discussion and networking activities continue way after the event.

During a panel discussion, someone asked how the large number of mobile phone can impact the social network development. “As of 2004, there are approximately one billion Internet users in the world, but nearly 1.5 billion mobile phone users. With sales of 600 million units a year, mobile phones are simultaneously the world’s most widespread communications devices, computing devices, and consumer-electronics products.” answered David Tetten, CEO of Nitron Circle of Experts and the author of the book, The Virtual Handshake, when interviewed by People’s Daily after the symposium for his opinion on the special influence of hugh number of mobile phone users on the development of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 development in China. “China’s heavy use of the cell phone as a platform could provide it with an advantage in the coming “Web 3.0″ wave, as people move more of their traditional use of the Internet to the cell.”

It is obvious that the discussions and the networking started at the event have continued and are benefiting both speakers and attendees in their business, career and lives.

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