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Financial Times profiles MIT CIO opening speaker, David Schmittlein of MIT Sloan

Read more about one of our opening speakers at the MIT CIO Symposium. Financial Times – Business Life

Workday Lands Software Industry’s Biggest SaaS Deal

The deal, for 200,000 users, marks a tipping point for interest in and use of on-demand software among large companies. By Mary Hayes Weier InformationWeek May 14, 2008 06:00 AM On-demand software startup Workday has clinched its biggest deal yet — and the largest known in the software industry — to provide an electronics company […]

Highway to CIO – Lessons from those ahead

What do some CIOs offer as advice when they look back at the journeys that brought them to where they are today?  Check out 5 bite-sized tips at  

Recession and Business-IT Maturity

By Vaughan Merlyn, Executive Vice President of nGenera Just as a lot of CIO’s were gearing up for a year or two of growth and innovation, many are now being told to “hunker down” for a period of austerity. The usual first victims – cut travel, cut training, cut anything that smells like overhead! That […]

Variability in Outsourcing: Changing the Model for the Current Market

Variability in Outsourcing: Changing the Model for the Current Market   By Bill Adamowski, President of KPO for ISGN   The fallout from the subprime crisis is continuing to shake the mortgage industry and the credit crunch has extended into the conventional mortgage market. According to a February 2008 article in the New York Times, […]