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The Oxytocin Effect – A Hug can clinch you the deal!

By tushneem | June 16, 2009

A little off-topic for the CIOs but I figured hey, why not lighten up the discussion here a little bit. Especially those of you from marketing and sales might find this note interesting and the “Liquid Trust” spray a lethal weapon in your arsenal for clinching deals.

A very good friend of mine, Dr. Vikram Sheel Kumar, is writing a health column for Forbes India and I found his first article on the hormone Oxytocin and the effects of Hugging quite interesting.

As Vikram mentions in his article “Studies show that hugs can lower stress and blood pressure levels…. If Hugs were a drug, “Touch” which would be an active ingredient of it would stimulate the release of oxytocin, which in-turn acts on the brain, the heart and the reproductive system. It reduces stress, facilitates romantic pair bonding and makes people trust strangers.”

So now you have a scientific explanation behind…

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