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Perception is reality – but what about the other way around?

Expectations have long been studied by psychologists. What we expect plays a big role in determining how effective certain medications are, for example. Now there is additional research showing the brain does even more active ‘adjusting’ of our senses than previously thought.

Analytics are the heart of Balancing Innovation and Cost Leadership

Analytics are the heart of Balancing Innovation and Cost Leadership In Your Business.  With ever increasing business drivers and unlimited choices to customers across the globe, you not only need to know what, but why business events are occurring. What is going to happen and how to prepare for the unknown business challenges?  Here, the […]

Enterprise 2.0 Technology Enabler – Hype, Hope or 2010 Mainstream?

With the advent of Web2.0 tools and services such as Blogs, wikis, RRS, social networking, social bookmarking and mashups, the enterprise has more innovative tools than ever for collaboration, knowledge sharing, search, discovery and collective intelligence among distributed workforces, partners and customers.

Don’t Multi-task as you read this!

Newsweek recently ran an article that spoke about the downside of something many of us take for granted, and perhaps even tout as a ‘core competency’ – multi-tasking.  Researchers have apparently found a negative correlation between multi-tasking and rational decision making.  Now, if that’s not scary enough, consider this – a survey of 5000 people […]