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Are the Glory Days Long Gone for I.T.?

Aug 9, 2009, NYT IF Thomas M. Siebel can accurately see the future, computer science students with the entrepreneurial gene may want to look for a different major. And investors who think that information technology is a sector that will produce outsized returns should wake up. In Mr. Siebel’s view, I.T. is a mature […]

Management lessons from the financial crisis

Management lessons from the financial crisis: A conversation with Lowell Bryan and Richard Rumelt Two business strategists discuss the nature of risk, the effectiveness of performance-measurement systems, and the difficulty of getting governance and incentives right.JUNE 2009 • Allen P. Webb, McKinsey Quarterly This conversation is one of three installments summarizing Lowell Bryan and Richard […]

Five Futuristic Interfaces on Display at SIGGRAPH

Some very interesting ideas are being showcased this week at SIGGRAPH 2009. By Will Knight, Aug 4, 2009 The annual meeting of the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques, SIGGRAPH 2009, takes place in New Orleans this week. The event brings together some of the world’s best digital artists and computer […]

Google’s view on the future of business: An interview with CEO Eric Schmidt

McKinsey Quarterly, Aug 3, 2009: Apple says Google CEO Eric Schmidt will step down from its board due to conflicts of interest as Google enters more of Apple’s core business. Google’s recent announcement that it will develop a more robust operating system based on its Chrome Web browser puts it in direct competition with Apple […]

Reasons for the demise of many CIOs?

What’s going to get you fired from your CIO job? I was reminded this week of all the ways CIOs risk termination, from failed IT projects to jobs that outgrow them, during a “town meeting” (aka moderated conference call) on IT project failures. Featured speaker Chris Curran, a consultant and chief technology officer at DiamondConsultants, […]