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Re-thinking: Cloud & Enterprise Computing

Companies currently spend about 5-6% of their revenues on IT. Many of these companies are now struggling to align their IT to support the business strategy, provide a competitive advantage, and serve as a platform for growth. Exploding number of choices and growing complexity of technology assets making these companies victims of their rapidly obsolescing computing infrastructure. Once these assets offered these companies the competitive advantage and served as barriers to entry but now these IT assets are becoming liability. Supply chain meets the cloud to boost the visibility of collaboration processes with and between third-parties such as suppliers, partners, and customers. If companies fail to deconstruct their IT infrastructure and embrace cloud, their competition will outdo their competitive advantage and make them irrelevant. As a CIO of 21st century corporation are ready to embrace this new paradigm and massive IT transformation to prepare your organization for 21st century competitive tsunamis? Would like to hear your views/thoughts/experiences.

Infrastructure Security: Getting to the Bottom of Compliance in the Cloud

For many business functions commonly run in the cloud – hosting websites and wikis, for example –
it’s often sufficient to have a cloud provider vouch for the security of the underlying infrastructure

CIOs Care About the Semantic Web, Mar 22, 2010 By Jennifer Zaino Now we know that CIOs care about the semantic web: The 2010 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, which takes place in May, will feature a panel on Enterprise 3.0 where experts will discuss emerging approaches to effective knowledge management and new services for better data integration. Web 2.0 initiatives, social […]