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Integrating and leveraging social media in your organization’s marketing strategy

By tushneem | September 17, 2009

social-media“Social media” has become such a popular buzz word today… From board rooms to everyday conversations, you’ll not go without hearing those words several times. And yes that has also led to  every organization jumping onto the bandwagon – creating groups on facebook, linkedin, twitter, posting videos on youtube, pictures on flickr, starting blogs and so on. However, the lack of strategy and design on part of organizations makes this entire experience chaotic and a sloppy implementation in most cases adds more burden for the marketing folks with no significant ROI in sight.

While big corporations shell out thousands if not millions to employ consultants who put both the plan and hopefully the implementation in place, non-profits and smaller enterprises with half-baked knowledge scramble to put something in place with hardly any success.  This post will try to address both the plan and an easy implementation strategy for social media tools. Although I won’t go much into details, you can ping me for further clarifications or questions if any…

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