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How much is too much? Are you getting the most out of the IT in your enterprise?

Last week I was hearing the CEO of Circuit City Jim Marcum and executives from FTI Inc., the consultants to the company managing Chapter 7 and the restructuring process, talk about how and why Circuit City went bankrupt. The decline of Circuit City of course did not happen overnight nor was was the crash in […]

Why is the concept of “Virtual Organizations” all encompassing? An analysis from Technology, Business and Culture pov.

Ah, finally figured I should steal a few minutes from my schedule to discuss how my panel on “Virtual Organizations” went at the MIT CIO Conference. You can read a review about the panel and the conference in general on Dr. Irving Wladawsky’s blog but here is my take on it. Some of you must […]

From machines to humans – how virtual are we getting?

Thanks to the green initiatives and cost-cuttings the latest buzz word in the high tech echelons today is virtualization – from machines to teams to supply chain to consumers… all are virtually getting connected in a huge complex matrix. However some of the biggest challenges in making this matrix work efficiently have not only been […]

The Social Media & Web Guide to Going Green

This great guide was written by Elsa Wenzel/Mashable.  Elsa writes about green technology and authors a personal blog at You can follow her on Twitter. A new green era is growing, with the Obama family planted in the White House, an organic vegetable garden on its lawn and a “green path” paved in the economic stimulus […]

Impact of Cloud Computing on the Server Market

The emergence of Cloud Computing during the recession doubles the threat to server vendors. In cases where hardware investment is deemed critical and necessary, users are looking more and more to Cloud as an alternative to traditional servers, storage, and other hardware. – Saugatuck Reserach