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MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Experts: CIO moving more into business, process optimization

What’s in a name? If the role of the CIO changes, will the title change, too? At the sixth annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium yesterday, CIO aliases came tripping off the panelists’ tongues. Alan Trefler, CEO at Pegasystems Inc., the Cambridge, Mass.-based business process management software provider, said he thought the “I” in CIO was […]

“Mister Know-it-All’: a poem to celebrate information sharing by Elvis McGonagall

I’ve eaten all the fruit from the tree of knowledge I know what’s what, I know who’s who I know my onions, I know the ropes I know a thing or two I know the way to Amarillo I know the way to San Jose I know who let the dogs out I know the […]

The greatest benefit of conversation is that it produces five categories of responses, not just the answer What Do We Get From Conversation That We Can’t Get Any Other Way? This is an intriguing question because each time we think about contacting someone for help on an issue we face a choice; Do I email, phone, walk down the hall, twitter, text message, post on the community website? This post is […]

The year of the shift to Enterprise 2.0

Traditional collaboration tools can create powerful, local information flows but little build-up of value over time

City 2.0: How the cloud ties it all together

It’s closer than you may think and is mostly a matter of connecting all the pieces May 15, 2009 (Computerworld) Science fiction writers call it Utopia, the glorious City of the Future. But short of downtown atriums being guarded by invisible walls and flying cars, City 2.0 is not as far off as you may […]