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eHealth Panel – The CIOs Role in Delivering New Models of Care

By Barnard Crespi | March 16, 2010

The Healthcare Sector in the United States is going to change in the very near future. Join us on May 19 as our panel of industry experts discuss the implications across all industry segments. As the aging population grows and cost of health care rises, the concept of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is emerging. The US House bill calls for a three-to-five year Medicare pilot project to see if ACOs can lower costs and improve care. The goal of an ACO is to encourage hospitals and physicians to, “integrate care,” by holding them collectively responsible for improved quality. ACOs demand that hospitals and doctors work closely together to share financial risk as well as potential savings.

The IT world has an opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare industry. The current healthcare IT landscape has limited EMR/EHR penetration and is inefficient to address demands of emerging health care delivery and business models.

The role of the CIO in the complex landscape of eHealth is paramount. This panel will explore how CIO’s leverage technology to create synergies within the economic and delivery systems of new models of care, to coordinate comprehensive end-to-end processes to enhance patient care outcomes while integrating more financial efficiencies into these processes.

What role will remote or virtual healthcare assume in the continuum of care of the future? What impact will better integrated EMR/EHRs and more readily synthesized patient information have on the continuity of care and, consequently, the delivery of quality care? How will patient treatment modalities and patient interaction with care providers be different with new eHealth initiatives? What impact will new models of care and IT innovations have on the economics of providing care?

These are only a few of the questions that will be presented with actionable answers to follow. Please join the innovative and progressive thinkers and practitioners in eHealth that will reshape the future of healthcare in light of pending legislative reform and challenging economic realities.

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